Lighting Experiment

Lighting Experiment

So last night I wanted to try some new lighting techniques. All of my photos so far have been shot in the warm daylight hours which don’t get me wrong is incredibly beautiful, but it doesn’t add to my portfolio to keep doing it..SO I experimented with headlights and my ringflash. A few things I didn’t like here.
1.The ring flash’s light was too small to contrast the headlights even on their lowest setting.
2. She had to stand fairly close to the headlights in order for her to be lit up enough
3. I brought the wrong lens. The lens I was using has some focusing problems which was not ideal for the darkness.
However there are some things that I LOVE!
The blue gel I used worked very nicely for that fashion-ey feel, the composition is interesting and overall I learned something new. 🙂


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