I haven’t shot for my portfolio in over a week and I’m going crazy. I feel like I have all these ideas and no time. My beautiful sister is getting married next weekend so I have been making sure that I have everything prepared for that, as well as still looking for a summer job. (Not having a summer job really makes me feel like a starving artist.) 

I thought today I’d share some of the places that I venture to for my inspiration. As artists we do gather inspiration from everything we see because honestly, we do look at things differently than most people. I will admit the majority of my ideas come to me when I’m relaxed and in a decent environment but there are those sparks that come to me when I’m stressed or rushing around. 

VOGUE. I have a subscription to Vogue and I will spend hours flipping through the same issue. Those photographers have some amazing photos. I mean, they’re doing SOMETHING right. Look through a magazine. Good ideas spark other good ideas

DeviantArt. Deviantart is a website in which you can make an account, upload your work and let others critique/favorite your images. There are some incredibly talented people on that site and best of all it’s FREE to join. I myself have been a member for at least a year and have gotten some great advice/tips. ALSO they have contests occasionally that you can win ca$h.

GO SIT OUTSIDE. For real though. Go take yourself and drive somewhere beautiful. Take a camera or a sketch pad. You’ll be surprised at how many ideas come to you. I have a little yellow sketch book that I always keep in my purse just in case I have an idea.

Last but not least, talk to other artists. You can work on a collaboration or just feed off of each other. (Another great reason to join deviantart, pinterest, or any other social media site actually)

Here’s a link to some porfolios that have been found inspiring by many other people. Feel free to share some tips! What inspires you?


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