So I started the second year of my program this week and it was a little bit of a rocky start. New year, new apartment, new material same people. As much as I love my major, I had a hard time getting back into it this week. My guess is that the first week is always boring. You get about 6 syllabuses from each professor all regarding generally the same information. On top of that, one of my favorite professors left our school and his replacement is very sweet… Just maybe not cut out for teaching.
Today the director of the photography department who is also one of the best professors I’ve ever had talked to us all about our program, especially because this year we create a portfolio which will eventually (hopefully) land us all an amazing career.
He said “At some point this year, you will doubt yourself. You will feel like you can’t make it in this industry. In those times come talk to me. Its about how bad you want it, your passion for this field and all the amazing things you can do. Dont ever let anyone tell you that youre wasting your time here.” After his little speech I feel so motivated and inspired to make the most amazing portfolio that I can. I hope that all of you have people in your life who tell you not to give up or settle for second best. I know I do. One of those people is my amazing father who hours after my professors speech, sent me this comic that will hang on my wall in my new apartment. Heres to a new semester 🙂

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