Color is absolutely beautiful. It can be muted or saturated, in big wide groups such as the changing colors of the leaves or in small spots like stop signs. The amazing thing is that color is literally in every single thing that we look at.
My class is studying color this semester and I never realized how fascinating it is. For instance, when asked what color most people think of when they hear the word “dignity”, the majority of people said blue. And when asked what color comes to mind when you hear the word “appetizing” many people said red. For whatever reason our mind associates feelings and words with colors. Which if used correctly and efficiently in photography, can lead to some very intriguing results. This week we are focusing on monochromatic schemes- various shades of one hue. Here’s some color inspiration to consider. Good night!



My Horrible Job (as of right now)

So as you know, I have been unemployed all summer which isn’t exactly ideal for a college student. The first few weeks of summer were spent looking for a job relevant to my interests. Photographer for a kids party, studio portrait photographer, etc…As the summer progressed, I was open to anything as long as it was legal and it paid money. Quite a few failed interviews and I was back with no job and my odds weren’t looking favorable.

Until about 2 days ago when I saw an ad on Craigslist for a photography company that needed help at the local mall for 2 brief weeks. It was the perfect opportunity to make some cash before I started school again. My phone interview went well and she told me to start the next day. I showed up, and as she’s showing me what to say to people, how to get them to sign up for portraits etc, she mentions that the job is commission only….ugh.

No college student ever wants to hear that.

Lucky for me, the commission was 10$ for every appointment I was able to schedule. Happy to be making any money, I started working. After 10 hours of standing on marble floors (in heels I might add.) and being yelled at, ignored, told to “get a real job”, (I’m trying, hello.) I have a whole new respect for kiosk people. Oh did I mention in those 10 hours I made $40?

I guess the point of this post is to tell you that unless you get discovered and published on the cover of a magazine right away, ¬†you need to find other ways to make money for the time being. I feel as though everyone has to pay their dues. If one week of this job will build experience and keep me busy, I don’t mind rolling with it. Anyways, here is some photo inspiration for you today.

Have a lovely Sunday


Photographer: Cecil Beaton