Ohmigosh I almost forgot what I actually wanted to post. PRESETS. For those of you who don’t know what a preset is, it is lightroom specific. It is a plug in that you can use in Lightroom to basically use someone elses’ edit on your photo. I find them handy but I also usually end up tweaking them a little bit. You can find HUNDREDS of these presets all over the internet. They’re an awesome little tool to have. Below is a photo that someone has added a preset to. The image on the left is the original and the image on the right is with the added preset. Whoever created this preset added warming effects and lifted the shadows a bit, as well as messed with a few other components. Cafe Darkroom is one of my favorite websites for presets and just for visiting their site you can download one of theirs for free 🙂 (the link is below the photo.)

Lightroom can be a tricky animal and figuring how how install certain plug ins such as presets seems hard but is actually very simple. There is a link below Cafe Darkroom’s that will show you how to download and install the presets you find. Enjoy!