CREATE. all day. every day. from wherever

CREATE. all day. every day. from wherever

If there was one thing I wish I knew about when I was starting photography, it would be CreativeLive. This is an amazing website. Basically, the hosts of the website find fantastic photographers, bring them into the studio with an audience and record live classes that you can tap into at any time, as long as you have internet. I have already taken “Mastering TTL Flash”, and “Glamour Portraiture” and I absolutely love them. There is a staff of photographers who put up fun contests and chat rooms so that you can talk with fellow students while watching the programs. Much like many things posted on my blog, it’s FREE! 😀 Unless of course you would like to purchase the class you watched, in which case it will cost a little bit of money. The classes are only a few hours long but you can learn SO much. In a business that is always growing and changing, value and use your resources 🙂
Clicking on the picture will allow you to go to their website to start signing up for classes!!